Finneas O’Connell

Laura is a devoted mother to her three teenage boys, but she’s at a loss on how to

help her youngest son, SHANE, whose sensitive nature makes him a disappointment

to his father and an easy target for his brothers’ needling.

Soon after, Laura stumbles upon her long forgotten guitar. She takes it to a charity

drop-off station along with a few other unwanted items but fate intervenes: Laura’s

guitar won’t fit in the box, so it ends up going back home with her.

Laura starts playing again. At first tentative, she soon she falls under the guitar’s

spell and rediscovers her love for songwriting. Then something unexpected happens:

Shane, who’s normally cut off from everyone around him, shows an interest

in her music.

After Shane has another fight with his dad, Laura decides to bring him along to

her very first performance—an open-mic night at a dive in Los Angeles. Laura’s

appearance is a borderline disaster, but her son’s uncharacteristically supportive

reaction encourages her to stick with it.

Despite her rocky entry into the open-mic night scene, with its population of unusual

characters, Laura blossoms and Shane seems oddly at home. And soon, to

the surprise of Laura and the rest of the family, Shane discovers he has a musical

gift of his own.

Mother and son struggle through disappointments and a broken heart to unearth

their dreams. Along the way, both rediscover who they are and begin to claim their

place in the world through music.

Perhaps more importantly, they develop a connection to each other that’s so deep

it not only brings them closer together, it binds them more strongly to the ones

they love.